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Australia Cannabis Shop will make it easy for anyone anywhere in Australia to buy our products and we are committed to ensuring that your privacy and security is protected at all times. In essence. We offer guaranteed professional stealth packaging and discreet delivery to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand! All orders are fully guaranteed, so in any case nothing will stand between you and the ordered product!

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Australia Cannabis Shop are Australia citizens. We grow and import cannabis and cannabis products for consumption to all Australians. We are aware it is difficult to purcahse and import cannabis out of australia. Most of our clients also reports they are scammed when trying to order or purchase cannabis out of Australia. So we are here to bridge the gap between Australians and the international Cannabis shop online. You can now order cannabis or cannabis products online from our Australian shop here in Australia and have them delivered to your door. anywhere in Australia.

We offer an overnight delivery which takes less than 24hours to get to your address. All you need to do is go through our shop, place an order, make payment then relax and wait for your delivery to your address. All deliveries are secure and discrete. Packaging is professionally done. The earlier your payment is confirmed, the faster your order is delivered.

We work hard to provide you with the best quality cannabis strains in Australia, THC vape, cannabis seeds, cannabis oil, weed gummies and chocolate bars
Jason Micheal
Founder, Owner


Shopping at Australia Cannabis Shop gives you the security you deserve. Most of our products are illegal in some states and in New Zealand. “But ordering from us”, we have all the legal documents that show your order of this product for medicinal purposes, so all deliveries are safe and discreet and you don’t have to worry about delivery. We ship to Australia (AUS) and New Zealand (NZ) discreetly.

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Tracking information is provided IMMEDIATELY when orders are shipped. We also send you an email notification when your payment is received.
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